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October and November 2020 proofed the consolidation of virtual team building activities as a tool for human resource development.

The increase in covid-19 infections destroyed any hope of returning to a pseudonormal life until next spring.

Many corporations have therefore decided to engage their employees in virtual team building activities in order to renew enthusiasm and motivate the team for the upcoming challenges.

The growth of this sector is exponential and online event platforms have become so developed in a way we can create activities which were unthinkable only 6 months ago.

That’s why famous companies such as SAS and Ernst & Young have relied on us for the realization of the Online Corporate Jingle, our virtual team building which is having a great success.

We have created 3 sessions for 100 employees of EY with the aim of celebrating their promotion to a more important role.

Moreover, it was an opportunity for people from different offices throughout Europe to get to know each other in order to work better as a team.

It has never been so important to keep the energy of a team high.

These virtual team building programs are made up with the intention of motivating people and avoiding pessimism due to this rough time.

On the contrary, we help team members to work more effectively and with a little more positivity.

The 3 sessions were an explosion of energy that brought a fresh breath of enthusiasm to the team.

The managers of EY felt very happy and satisfied.

Then, we realized the same virtual team building activity for 30 employees of SAS, a leading company in the technology and data analysis sector.

The 30 international employees, divided into 4 teams, created an original corporate jingle which reflected their working reality in a funny way.

Later, they performed in virtual plenary in front of the others and everyone could vote for each performance to decide the winner.

The activity was a success, useful for strengthening a team which often works together, but rarely meets physical because of the geographical distance.

Last event was a live team building we carried out in early October for 80 employees of Heineken from all over Italy.

This proofs that we can realize live events again because it is possible to carry out team building activities safely and with all the necessary protocols.

The team was divided into 5 groups, according to the musical role.

Each section worked separately on the construction of a rhythm which, combined with the rhythms of the other sections, created an engaging Afro-Brazilian song.

Obviously, the performance of the Corporate Orchestra took place outdoors, people were wearing the mask and keeping the distance of 2 meters.

Yes, becuase engaging experiences can be created even with some limitations.

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