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Ice-Breaker & Energizer

Boomwhackers are coloured plastic tubes in a number of different sizes and musical notes. When you hit them, they go BOOM!

They are brilliant for large group of people.

This activity is ideal to create a team building or a large audience show in a short timeframe, using a rhythmic symphony or the arrangement of a famous song.
It is also possible to change the refrain of a famous song to create a completely new one that reflects the company core messages to be transmitted to the participants.

In this case, with the help of our drum set and electric guitar, the participants will perform the chords of the song with boomwhackers while singing the new personalized refrain for an unforgettable energy explosion.

The length of this format can be modeled from 5 to 40 minutes for a maximum coverage of 5.000 participants only with the material at our disposal.

The easy and fast logistic setup is another important strength that makes it an ideal activity for large audiences.

It is therefore perfect for energizing and revitalizing the environment in a enjoyable way during conventions, congress, business dinners, conferences, gala evenings, fairs and festivals.

It can happen:

  • at the beginning of a meeting to warm up delegates and create team spirit and motivation, even in situation in which people meet one another for the first time.
  • During the breaks for energizing the participants and revitalizing mental energy.
  • At the end of a meeting to celebrate the achivement of the goal.