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It is the online music team building with voice and singing which allows you to perform virtual music activities.

The challenge is simple: Create your own Jingle and Challenge your Colleagues!

The participants, divided into groups in the breakout rooms on Zoom, will choose a famous song to which they will have to change the original lyrics in order to create their own script, reflecting their daily work in a funny way or the metaphors proposed in the meeting.

In the next step, with the support of our trainers, each team will rehearse the final performance in which each participant will sing alternately a part of the jingle.

During the performance it is also possible to play some musical instruments created with waste materials or just some everyday objects we already have at home.

Then, there will be performances in front of the others in the main virtual hall, in which each group will sing its own Jingle.

At the end, there can be an award for the best performance.


  • It creates harmony between team members.
  • It improves mutual listening and communication skills.
  • It stimulates creativity and important leadership skills.
  • It energizes the group and releases mental stress.
  • It teaches the metaphor of the orchestra within a corporate situation.
  • It creates team spirit.
online music team building onebeat

Online music team building activities give the opportunity to gather and involve different teams from all over the world in a very simple and direct way.

They are also an important tool to develop mutual listening and communication skills according to the new needs of smart working.

Contact us if you want to organize an online music team building activity with the Corporate Jingle, we are at your full disposal for any further information or a free quotation at

Otherwise discover MUSIC PATCHWORK as well, our other virtual activity.

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