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Online Team Building

Connect your Team through Music!

Online team building activities have quickly become an experiential methodology for human resource development despite the physical distance.

Our virtual activities are very energizing and create harmony, empathy and a sense of belonging among team members.

They allow to bring together and involve teams from all over the world in a simple and direct way.

Moreover, they are an excellent tool for improving mutual listening and other communication skills which are important in the new era of smart working.

Last but not least, it has never been so important to motivate work teams and renew enthusiasm for the new upcoming challenges.

For this reason, we have  been developing online and virtual musical team building activities which are ideal in contexts where:

  • Your team works in smart working.
  • Your team members work in different offices or locations around the country or the world.
  • You need to motivate a team of people who rarely gets together physically.

Our Online Music Team Building Activities


The challenge: Create your own Jingle and Challenge your Colleagues!

The participants, divided into groups in the virtual rooms, will change the lyrics of a famous song, creating a completely original one which reflects the communicative concept proposed in the meeting.

The performance, prepared with the support of a coach, there will be showcased in the virtual plenary, in which each group will sing its own Jingle.

At the end an award can be provided for the best performing team.


This virtual activity allows the team to perform a song in just 15 minutes!

After choosing a song together that everyone can sing, each participant will record his/her performance with the own smartphone.

Then, our team of audio-video experts will produce a video-patchwork editing with each participant’s recording.

The final result will be an emotional video, ideal for energizing the atmosphere during your virtual meeting.