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Discover the rhythm within your team as we bring music team building activities to corporate events in Zurich.

In addition to our team building activities, we offer ice-breakers and energizers in Zurich suitable for large audiences during conventions, conferences, meetings, congresses, corporate dinners, and gala evenings.

Take a glimpse into our team building activities in Zurich by watching our engaging video presentation.

Why our should you choose our music team building activity in Zurich?

Experience the magic of impromptu rhythmic interplay in a non-verbal musical conversation, where every gesture and note forms a dynamic response to your teammates.

All participants become not only keen listeners but also fervent performers, venturing into uncharted territories and embracing the elegance of musical imperfections.

These diverse sounds blend to form an exclusive composition, a memorable encounter that profoundly enhances the workplace ambiance, fostering a profound sense of unity.

The magic of music and the immediacy of rhythmic language create harmony, emotional connection and cooperation between team members, promoting a better awareness of important principles such as empathy, listening and group synergy.

The result is that apparent personal limitations dissolve, surprisingly finding ourselves creating engaging music together, in a positive and energizing atmosphere.

The metaphor of the orchestra is ideal for reflecting the working dynamics within a team.

Through the discovery of the balances that guarantee the musical result within an orchestra, participants will be able to perform a song in a completely unexpected way, recognizing and understanding relational and performance principles which are easily transferable to the professional role.

Here are the most common examples for which team building is requested in Zurich:

  • Teambuilding: to found, develop and consolidate groups.
  • Leadership: to develop leadership qualities and improve human resource management.
  • Conventions, Congresses & Meetings: to energize participants and relieve stress, promoting team spirit and motivation.
  • Incentives: to inaugurate and motivate the launch of new projects and strategies.
  • Change Management: to facilitate transitions and transformations within organizations.
  • Celebration & Bonus Trips: to celebrate anniversaries or the achievement of set objectives.
team building zurich onebeat music

Here some of our team building activities in Zurich to choose:

It’s essentially a dynamic jam session featuring drums and percussion, expertly guided by a conductor who empowers participants to improvise, making it an inclusive experience for everyone to groove to the rhythm and gradually cultivate captivating musicality through straightforward techniques.

Picture it as akin to playing drums in a circle at the park or by the beach, but with the invaluable assistance of a seasoned maestro orchestrating the different phases of ensemble creation.

During pivotal moments, this conductor enhances the musical finesse, delivering pleasant surprises and immense satisfaction to all involved.

This activity is exceptionally swift and perfectly suited for accommodating large audiences.

Tailoring the experience to the event’s requirements, we offer sessions ranging from 5 to 30 minutes.

During these sessions, we craft a vibrant and melodic orchestration that delivers a burst of high-energy excitement.

What’s the secret? We utilize straightforward, colorful plastic tubes where each hue corresponds to a musical note. When you strike these tubes, you’re met with an exuberant ‘BOOM’ of sound.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this activity is the ultimate choice for swiftly creating a lively orchestra that captivates even the largest of audiences, all while ensuring a rapid and hassle-free setup.

This stands as a timeless and cherished team building activity.

Following an initial ice-breaking session, the team is divided into four distinct musical sections.

Among them are the resonant low drums, which include African dun duns and surdos, alongside the hand-drums that feature instruments like djembés, congas, and darboukas.

Additionally, there’s a section dedicated to bells and wooden instruments, as well as one for shakers. Remarkably, there’s even the potential to incorporate singing.

Under the expert guidance of our conductor and skilled assistants, each section is taught its unique rhythms.

The magic unfolds as these various musical components blend seamlessly to create a beautiful, unified song.

This achievement is highly rewarding and instills a profound understanding of what “we can do it” truly means for a team.

The human voice, often regarded as the most essential musical instrument, serves as the wellspring for all others.

It’s truly remarkable how coming together in a choir effortlessly dispels any initial shyness, subtly leading us to sing with the same liberating abandon we experience in the privacy of our showers.

This melodic and harmonic activity fosters a profound level of intimacy, both with oneself and the entire team, precisely because the voice emanates from within.

Here, innovation meets competition as participants step into the role of corporate jingle composers.

Split into groups, they embark on a creative journey, selecting a renowned song as the foundation, upon which they’ll ingeniously alter the lyrics to craft a humorous ode to their daily work.

The culmination of this venture involves a thrilling performance in which teams present their custom jingles and, of course, a coveted award awaits the most ingenious ensemble.

This activity proves to be the perfect choice for injecting excitement into team incentives or corporate dinners.

A truly engaging and imaginative activity awaits in the form of Drum Stomp.

Here, participants transform waste and everyday objects like garbage cans, workplace tools, plastic bottles, broom handles, and chairs into musical instruments.

In this wonderfully creative endeavor, each individual crafts their own unique musical tool from the materials at hand.

After a brief warm-up, a full-fledged group orchestra comes to life, fostering enjoyment and camaraderie.

The group is then divided into a maximum of six teams tasked with composing a song in approximately an hour, culminating in a performance for their colleagues.

This activity also provides an opportunity for a lighthearted and spirited competition, complete with an award for the most exceptional team.

Rock-Tribe Band offers a distinctive show specially designed for communication projects.

Its primary goal is to convey a clear message in a highly creative manner through the dynamic fusion of energy, participation, and the artistry of music.

This unique experience melds the power of Rock music with the tribal rhythms of drums to craft a customized song that aligns seamlessly with your communication project’s objectives.

It’s not your typical music team building event; rather, it’s a captivating show where we don’t just perform a random song, but deliver a song tailored exclusively for your gathering.

Embrace the power of your body as the primal musical instrument and communicator. It creates music in every moment of our lives, even when we’re not consciously aware of it.

Through rhythmic body movements and vocal expressions, participants are invigorated in an extraordinary way, forging a sense of unity, harmony, and complete synchronicity within the team.

The remarkable end result is a splendid rock, pop, or ethnic song brought to life solely through the use of the body and voice.

It proves to be the perfect activity for swiftly fostering team spirit among large audiences.

team building zurich onebeat music

Music team building activities in Zurich provide a range of logistical and organizational advantages, including:

  • Capacity for Large Groups: our offerings can comfortably accommodate substantial gatherings, catering to up to 1,000 participants with percussion or up to 2,500 with boomwhackers.
  • Efficiency and Timeliness: while percussion activities typically benefit from a duration of at least 1 hour and 30 minutes to yield the finest results, we can also orchestrate quick incentive events within just 45 minutes. With boomwhackers, we achieve impressive outcomes swiftly, spanning a concise 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Flexibility: our activities seamlessly adapt to your chosen setting, whether indoors or outdoors. This versatility allows for the same location to serve both as the meeting space and the activity area, making logistics smooth and efficient.
  • Universal language: music and rhythm possess the remarkable ability to unite individuals from diverse cultures and languages without requiring translations or cultural intermediaries.
  • Cultural exchange: if your event includes international guests, these activities prove to be a perfect means of fostering unity and celebrating the richness of diversity.
team building zurich onebeat music

We are at your disposal to organise a musical team building activity in Zurich.

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