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Circle Singing

Team Building with Voice and Singing

To turn the team into a Choir

Singing is one of the most natural things.

Every child sings naturally without worrying about the judgment of others or without the fear of being out of tune.

The child simply sings for the joy that comes from doing it and this should be the right approach to this experience.

On the other hand, have you ever found yourself singing in moments of intimacy?

Maybe in the shower or in the car to get rid of stress or simply because you’re in a good mood?

This is the proof that singing positively affects our mental and emotional well-being.

But what would happen if we had to sing in front of other people?

Most of us may find ourselves facing some social conditioning, such as the fear of exposing ourselves or feeling vulnerable in front of others, thus not allowing ourselves to fully enjoy our expressiveness, by singing in freedom.

The choir and the circle singing enable us to overcome this fear, allowing each of us to find our own space within the team, feeling part of a single entity bigger than ourselves, but at the same time, we are an important gear.

The construction of a choir, as for any company or organization, depends on the balances that are established through the various sections, through important individual and relational qualities such as mutual listening, teamwork, ability to be flexible to the change and the will to reach the same goal.

The various sections, divided into different timbres according to the singular characteristics of each one, work in groups to adapt their individual abilities to the overall sound in order to sing as if we were one person.

Then there will be the union with the other sections that have learned the other parts.

As a great end the most important moment of the experience: the final performance.

For the final performance you can choose from various musical styles such as Gospel (a musical genre that is born in African-Christian-Methodist churches), Pop, Rock, Funky, Ethnic, Classic and so on.

The dimension of the choir can be experienced through the new and innovative CircleSinging method, a term invented by the great artist Bobby McFerrin.
The structure of this format is the equivalent of the  Drum Circle for drums and percussion.

A Facilitator, in a process of free improvisation, creates and progressively assigns to the choristers, arranged in a circle and broken down by section, specific rhythmic-vocal modules that are repeated in a sort of litany.

The harmonic structure of the piece is born from their joint.

The result is an experience of profound absorption in which the emotional factors become the basis for facilitating in the participants a new and deeper awareness of the dynamics that allow the team to express its maximum potential.

Thanks to the choral activity we can provide new skills that can be used in team management.

The goals of this team building are:

  • Improve the climate of mutual trust between the participants.
  • Building tools to improve and develop the participation of each individual in a group sharing and interaction.
  • The importance of mutual listening as a primary means to improve the functioning of the team.
  • Developing and improving creative and leadership skills.
  • Teaching quickly, while having fun, those training skills which would normally require a much longer time.

It is also possible to develop the singing with the Corporate Jingle, a team building activity in which the group is divided into teams in order to create their own corporate jingle and challenge to other teams.