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Corporate Orchestra

Great Orchestra with
Drums and Percussion!

Will the team manage to create a rhythmic orchestra in a short time?

The magic of music and the immediacy of its rhythmic language pass through any barrier of age, gender, religion, ideal, origin or culture.

It is impossible not to be involved in an experience that creates harmony, empathy and cooperation among team members.

This allows the group to surprisingly play engaging music together dissolving apparent personal limitations, in a joyful atmosphere ideal to face issues held dear by the client.

The metaphor of the orchestra is ideal to reflect the dynamics within a working team environment.

Exploring the balance that is required to ensure the musical creation within the orchestra, the participants will be able to perform a song in a new and unexpected way, recognising and developing their skills in relating with others, skills which are then easily transferable to their professional roles.

Suggested Program

Starting from non-existing musical skills the team will achieve an almost unimaginable result right at the beginning of the event: they will create a rhythmic orchestra in a short time.

Here are the stages that will make up the complete experience:

  • Briefing: A brief introduction to the activity along with practical information.
  • Ice-breaker with body percussion and voice to release tensions in a joyful atmosphere, creating in different sections the famous song “We Will Rock You”.
  • Chance to choose your instrument and consequently a personal discovery of  one’s own characteristics and attitudes.
  • A series of rhythmic and musical games to break the ice and create an inviting and joyous atmosphere.
  • Division of the group into different sections and the distribution of musical roles within the orchestra.
  • Construction of the rhythm within each section of the orchestra, facilitating a greater understanding of their roles and consequently enhancing the work of each of the sections.  Subsequent variations of rhythm in the learning of the performance piece, will enhance the capacity of each of the sections to adapt and integrate with one another.
  • Final Performance with the union of the rhythms of each of the smaller groups/musical sections.
  • A final debriefing of the overall experience in order to highlight and discuss the fundamental skills that will be then transferred to the working team environment.


  • A greater awareness of listening and communication.
  • Greater empathy and emotional awareness/contact between members of the team.
  • Overcoming of the apparent limitations we give ourselves.
  • Integration of the team and a greater capacity to adapt to change.
  • Development of creative and leadership skills.
  • Teaching quickly while having fun those training skills which would normally require much longer time.