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Corporate Jingle

Create your own Jingle and Challenge your Colleagues!

The team building with voice and singing full of creativity and healthy competition to engage the team in an exciting way during incentives or corporate dinners.

The participants, divided into a maximum of 6 groups, will choose a famous song to which they will have to change the original lyrics in order to create their own script reflecting the meeting communication concept proposed by the meeting.

As next step, they will be performing and singing the new lyrics accompanied by a backing track or our live band. They might even accompany their own voice by playing percussive instruments themselves and, when possible, with our guitarist’s support. At the end there will be an award for the best performance.

It is also possible to model this format in a rap style or even with our ONLINE version on Zoom.

Suggested program:

  • Briefing. A brief introduction to the experience along with relative practical information.
  • Ice-breaker to get the participants in a playful and relaxed mood ready for the challenges ahead.
  • Dividing up into groups and creation of songs within each group.
  • Performances of their own songs.
  • Awards for the best performances.


  • Creates balance within the team.
  • It improves listening and communication skills.
  • It stimulates creativity and develops the ability of individual expression.
  • It develops important skills in public speaking.
  • It teaches the metaphor of the orchestra within a corporate situation.
  • It also celebrates the spirit of the group.