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Turin is an ideal city to organise a team building activity because it is rich in history, culture and art.

Indeed, major companies and corporations such as ABB, Fiat, Petronas, Fresenius, and Valeo have chosen our innovative musical team building activities for their corporate events in Turin.

Musical team building is ideal for stimulating collaboration, promoting effective communication and strengthening ties between team members.

Here are some key points that make musical team-building a unique and valuable experience for companies:

  1. Communication and active listening: music requires effective communication and active listening among musicians. In the corporate context, musical team building helps participants improve their ability to listen to others, grasp the nuances of non-verbal communication and respond appropriately. These skills result in more effective interaction and greater mutual understanding in the workplace.
  2. Collaboration and teamwork: playing together requires effective collaboration and coordinated teamwork. Each team member must assume their role, contribute their skills, and synchronise to create a harmonious sound. Through musical team building, participants learn the importance of working together, respecting each other’s roles and combining their skills to achieve common goals.
  3. Creativity and thinking outside the box: music offers fertile ground for creative expression. Musical team building encourages participants to think unconventionally, embrace innovation and explore new ideas. Through improvisation and the creation of unexpected rhythms and melodies, participants develop the ability to think outside the box and adapt to changing situations, valuable skills in the fast-changing corporate environment.
  4. Celebration of success and motivation: musical team building often culminates in a final performance, where teamwork, practice and creativity come together in a rewarding result. Celebrating success is a moment of shared joy and gratitude, strengthening the team’s sense of achievement and pride. This can lead to increased motivation, stimulating commitment and the will to overcome future challenges.

Discover our musical team building activities in Turin in the following video presentation.

The most popular activity is the Drum Circle.

This new methodology is the ideal experiential metaphor for going through the phases that allow the team to express its full potential.

That is why ABB asked us for this type of team building for 90 managers from all over Italy at their annual meeting in Turin.

The purpose of the Drum Circle is to develop and raise awareness of listening to each other in order to have greater group synergy and more effective coordinated action.

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Subsequently, we conducted an important leadership training of Experiential Training for 18 international directors of PETRONAS, a famous oil company of Malaysian origin.

Using the metaphor of the Drum Circle, we brought out how the leader can achieve more from his team if an atmosphere of trust and cooperation is established, where human potential is facilitated rather than directives imposed.

Using the same team building activity in the Lingotto area in Turin, we energised 90 employees of VALEO, a French multinational active in the automotive industry and specialised in components for vehicle production.

I think the following photos speak louder than a thousand words.

team building activities turin onebeat

Another important event is the Drum Circle & Corporate Jingle for 35 employees of the GERI GROUP, a leading debt collection company.

In the morning, we achieved important results with a united group, developing important qualities such as listening to each other and more effective cooperation, thus strengthening mutual bonding and team spirit.

In the afternoon, on the other hand, ample space for creativity and talent differentiation with the Corporate Jingle, ending on a high note with a debriefing for the logical-rational and emotional-affective collection of the experience.

We conclude this series of team building events in Turin with the Corporate Orchestra for 70 and 150 managers from FRESENIUS and FIAT respectively.

The purpose of the activity was more playful and motivational, to conclude the conventions with a high-energy moment.

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We are at your disposal to organise a team building activity in Turin.

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