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MUSIC PATCHWORK © is our virtual activity which allows you to perform a song in just 15 minutes with your corporate team members.

The metaphor is simple: each team member is an important voice in the great corporate choir!

In the team’s mathematics concept, 1 + 1 must do at least 3. In fact, the result is not only given by the sum of the skills, but by the added value given by the union of the various skills.

Together, we will choose an ideal song for your communication project that everyone can easily sing, filming themselves with the camera of their smartphone.

Then, with our team of audio and video experts, we will create a video-patchwork composed of the recordings of each participant.

During the editing of the video, each member of the team will have a part of the song in order to have many voices and smiling faces that alternate to each other.

Obviously, there can be several choral moments in the video, in which we will be able to listen and see several people at the same time.

The final result will be an emotional video, ideal for energizing the atmosphere during your virtual meeting, a normal convention, or simply by sharing it in your team.

You just need:

  • 15 minutes free;
  • The desire to play and have fun;
  • a smartphone for the video shooting;
  • another electronic device to listen to the song;
  • earphones.

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