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We offer music team building activities for corporate events all over Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Winterthur, St. Moritz, Lugano, Thun and Bellinzona.

Among our team building activities, we also offer ice-breakers & energizers for large audiences during conventions, conferences, meetings, congresses, corporate dinners and gala evenings.

Watch our short video presentation to better discover our team building activities.


It was in our mother’s womb that we heard the first sound, and it was rhythmic: her heartbeat.

The rhythm accompanies us from before our birth and marks each moment of our life.

That’s why rhythmic sounds arouse deep and inexplicable emotions in us.

No matter how controlled you think you are, you will not be able to resist by tapping your foot in time or playing a simple rhythm with your hands.


The power of sound and music is recognized by science as therapeutic, energizing and at the same time relaxing.

Rhythm does even more: it generates positive impulses, optimism and happiness, stimulating socialization and encouraging relationships.

It makes us feel part of a group with a surprising rapidity.

Just a few minutes of rhythm is enough to break our conditionings and we are ready to get involved, simply because rhythm is inside us.


There are several music team building activities which offer a fun and unforgettable experiential training through the use of drums, percussion, voice, boomwhackers and recycled materials.

Today they are among the most requested in corporate events and they have brought a real revolution of joy and vital energy in the large field of team building activities.

Some of these activities don’t require a lot of time, so they are ideal during a meeting break or just for relaxation and recharging mental energy.

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It is basically a jam session with drums and percussion facilitated by a conductor who, by guiding the improvisation of the participants, makes it accessible for everyone to follow the tempo and to gradually develop engaging musicality through simple techniques.

It is a little bit like playing drums in a circle at the park or on the beach, but with the help of an expert who marks the different stages of the construction of the ensemble.

He facilitates critical moments and he increases the musical quality for the surprise and the great satisfaction of participants.


It is the fastest activity, ideal for large audiences.

With interventions from 5 to 30 minutes (according to the needs of the convention), we create rhythmic and melodic orchestration with a high energy impact using simple colored plastic tubes.

Each color corresponds to a note and when you hit the tube somewhere, the sound which comes out is ‘BOOM’.

As we said, it is the best activity to create in a short time a colorful orchestra for a large audience with a very quick set-up.


It is the most classic activity.

After an initial ice-breaker, the team is divided into 4 musical sections: low drums (African dun dun and surdos), hand-drums (djembé, congas, darboukas), bells & woods, shakers. Even the singing can be eventually added.

The conductor and the assistants teach the rhythms to each section and magically the music of these different parts played together create a beautiful song.

It is a very rewarding outcome, ideal for giving a team the awareness of what “we can do it” means.


The voice is the most important musical instrument, the one which inspired the birth of all other ones.

It is incredible how singing in choir quickly sweeps away the initial embarrassment and, without even noticing it, we find ourselves singing with the same freedom we have in the shower.

It is our melodic and harmonic activity, in which a high level of intimacy is achieved with oneself and the team, precisely because the voice is the only instrument that comes from inside.


It is our creative and competitive activity in which the participants become the songwriters of their corporate jingle.

The participants, divided into groups, choose a famous song to which they will have to change the original lyrics in order to create their own one, reflecting in a funny way their daily work.

The next step will be to challenge their colleagues in the final performances in which they will sing their jingle.

Obviously, there can be an award for the best team.

It is the ideal activity to engage the team in an exciting way during incentives or corporate dinners.


It is the most engaging and creative activity because participants will make music by using waste or everyday materials such as garbage cans, work machinery, plastic bottles, broom handles, chairs and so on, because everything can make music.

Each participant builds his own musical instrument with the materials at their disposal and, after an initial warm-up, a full group orchestra will be created to start having fun and “enjoying it”.

Then, the group is divided into a maximum of 6 teams in order to create a song in about an hour and then perform it in front of all their colleagues.

It is also an opportunity to create a healthy and funny competition in which there can be an award for the best team.


It is the unique show designed for communication projects with the purpose of transferring a clear message in a very creative way through energy, involvement and the beauty of music.

A mix between Rock music and tribal rhythm of drums in order to create a song customized in accordance with the communication project and the message you want to transfer to the participants.

It’s not a classical music team building, but a team building show in which we don’t play a random song, but the song created and customized for the meeting.


The body is our first musical instrument and communicative tool.

It makes music every moment of our lives even if we don’t pay attention to it.

By making music through body movements and voice and energizing participants in an amazing way, we create team spirit with harmony and total synchronicity.

The incredible end result will be a great rock, pop or ethnic song performed just through the use of body and voice! It is an ideal activity to create team spirit for large audiences in a short time.

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In group dynamics, rhythm is truly extraordinary to develop communicative, creative and leadership skills.

In addition, by mixing the different musical instruments, each participant has the opportunity to experience more tools and to cover multiple roles within the ensemble.

This makes us understand the importance of flexibility immediately and naturally, respect for roles and the need for constant change: all qualities which gain more importance in business situations.


Music team building activities offer several logistical and organizational benefits.

Here are the main ones:

  • we can accommodate large groups: up to 1.000 participants with percussion and up to 2.500 with boomwhackers.
  • speed of execution: in order to get the best final result, activities with percussion should last at least 1h 30min, but an incentive event can also be done in 45 minutes. Through boomwhackers we can achieve a great result in a very short time: from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • indoor / outdoor: the activity can take place both indoors and outdoors, using the same hall or spaces of the meeting.


Music and rhythm easily involve people from different cultures and languages, they don’t need translations or cultural mediation.

If you have foreign guests at your meeting, these activities are ideal to bring people together and to give value to diversity.

“Music is the easiest way to be together in joy, peace and harmony.” Pearl of wisdom by Babatunde Olatunji, a great African percussion master.

Contact us if you want to organize a music team building activity in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Winterthur, St. Moritz, Lugano, Thun, Bellinzona or other parts of Switzerland.

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