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Kickoff team building is an activity that takes place during a company meeting where a new project or work period takes shape, intending to create a collaborative and positive atmosphere among team members.

The term kickoff has been transferred to the corporate world from the kick-off of an American football or football game.

Kickoff usually occurs annually, often at the beginning of the year, with an engaging and energising team building activity to create a team spirit.

During the kickoff, the company can present the previous year’s results and share future goals and strategies.

In addition, new products or services can be presented and employees can participate in workshops and team building to improve their professional and interpersonal skills.

Thanks to our musical team building kickoffs such as Rock-Tribe Band and Boomwhackers, we were chosen by famous corporations such as McDonald’s,, Pfizer and Bosch.


Kickoff team building aims to facilitate a transformation that makes team members more participative through an experiential metaphor that has nothing to do with everyday work.

This allows the team to deepen their knowledge, develop their creativity and create a renewed team spirit.

Kickoff team building works mainly on the relational aspect, demonstrating how anything is possible, even creating engaging music without having any skills, when working in mutual listening, harmony and collaboration.

The metaphor is perfect when dealing with a new project or work period where change is in force, which can create fear and reluctance.

Kickoff team building has precisely the purpose of creating a bridge in which facing new challenges with positivity and courage is made experiential.

The following are the most popular and suitable musical team building activities for a kick-off.


It is the show tailor-made to launch new challenges to convey a clear and creative message through music’s energy, involvement and beauty.

By changing the lyrics of a famous rock song and transforming them in accordance with the new project, an overwhelming mix of rock music and tribal drum beats is created in which people become totally involved in an experience that leaves them inexorably speechless.

Participants find themselves playing drums and percussion while singing a completely original text, accompanied by the melodic and sweeping sound of the electric guitar.

It is a format that differs from the usual musical team building because it is in effect a customized show, in which we develop and create a song that represents the concept of the meeting.


Boomwhackers are coloured plastic tubes with different sizes and musical notes. When you hit them, they go ‘BOOM’!

This activity is ideal for quickly creating an engaging team building through the performance of a rhythmic symphony or the arrangement of a famous song.

This activity is perfect for large audiences and can be customised as required, with a duration ranging from 5 to 30 minutes.

In addition, we can manage groups of up to 5,000 participants using the material at our disposal.

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You can also discover other team building activities for your kickoff, such as Corporate Jingle, Drum Stomp, Choir and Body Music.

Now it’s time to list all the kickoff team building that took place this year, of which there are many.

Here are all the famous corporations and companies that have chosen us to energise and motivate their work teams:

  • Rock-Tribe Band for 180 employees of Mc DONALD’s. (Milan)
  • Boomwhackers for 160 employees of PFIZER. (Bologna)
  • 2 Drum Circle for 25 and 15 employees of BOOKING.COM. (Milan and Naples)
  • Corporate Jingle for 200 employees of ABBVIE. (Rome)
  • Rock-Tribe Band for 450 employees of CIGIERRE. (Udine)
  • Rock-Tribe Band for 240 employees of BECKMAN COULTER. (Milano)
  • Drum Circle for 15 top managers of GSK. (Parma)
  • Rock-Tribe Band for 100 employees of ABBOTT. (Naples)
  • Boomwhackers for 250 employees of KILOUTOU. (Lake Garda)
  • Drum Circle for 120 employees of ZIMMER BIOMET. (Rome)
  • Rock-Tribe Band for 100 managers of BOSCH. (Turin).
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We are at your disposal to organise your kickoff musical team building activity.

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