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Have you ever wondered why I called my business OneBeat – The rhythm of life?

I guess you had better things to do, so I’ll take care of it! 🙂

Life is a single movement of the Source.

Modern quantum physics asserts that 99.99% of the universe is empty. In other words, the matter we perceive as apparently solid by means of our electric impulses detected by our brain, is actually made up of nothing.

All that exists is therefore empty and the brain, which captures the manifestation of matter, is just another reflection of the void itself.

The void is the fundamental nature of everything that exists and permeates every life form, coming from the same unique and indivisible source, even when the erroneous perception of being someone inside the body separate from the others arises.

From the void arises the ‘Verb’, the first movement of life itself which, through the union of yin & yang, creates matter through the union of an electromagnetic impulse of positive and negative charge.

This union creates a pulsation, a beat: the heart of the universe that moves every single life form.

Here is the meaning of the name OneBeat.

It is not a coincidence that the heart is first organ of the foetus to be formed.

This unique and indivisible beat manifests itself in matter with a time which is not determined by anyone except by the Void itself, the primary source of the universe.

In this heart which marks time, there are infinite hearts of every life form present in the universe, all beating in its own time, creating a wonderful musical symphony full of colors and apparent diversity.

Here is the meaning of the motto, the rhythm of life.

It is a symphony we are already experiencing in every moment of our life, it is here, just waiting to be recognized.

Often these hearts mistakenly believe they are someone separate from other hearts, perceiving a dual reality which does not exist.

Every suffering we see in the world comes from the lack of recognition of being this unique and indivisible void that manifests itself in matter as a reflection of itself, experiencing itself in various forms.

This is the mission of our work: the sharing of this symphony which is already happening here and now, in this aimless game called life.

A hug as immense as the universe,

Dharma Cristiano Botti – Founder @ OneBeat

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